Securus Corrects Inaccuracies in Global Tel Link’s (GTL) Press Release

Securus answers Global Tel Link’s campaign of misleading press releases.

Securus Technologies of one of the leading companies that offer technological solutions for corrections, investigation, public safety, and monitoring. Securus Technologies has issued numerous correction statements to the many press releases published by Global Tel Link. According to Securus Technologies, Global Tel Link’s press releases contain various statements which are indeed inaccurate and misleading. The purpose of this press release by Securus Technologies is to provide clarification and correct information on several incorrect claims of Global Tel Link.


GTL Allegation #1: we are just a few months away from resuming our court cases to show the world and the federal statutes how Securus Technologies is infringing this patent and three other patents for Global Tel link. Securus Technologies targeted These patents for IPR challenges. However, they were ultimately validated by the security team at PTAB.


Securus Corrections #1: With concern to the claims made by Global Tel Link that they are only “months away” from resuming their tedious court cases, is unlikely that the jurisdiction will proceed to the trial level. Because of the high court cost of the court cases, none of the two affected parties will get to court this year as claimed by GTL.


Global Tel Link is quite aware that patent litigation of this nature cost millions of dollars to pursue and take multiple years. For this reason, we are questioning whether the lawsuit approach by Global Tel Link makes sense regarding the best interests of their company. However, Securus Technologies is determined to defend both themselves and the corrections community suffering from GTL’s injustice.



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  1. When the parties decide to embark on a court case, a jury will determine if Securus Technologies is using the correct patent to attack GTL or not. Securus is confident because it does not use those patents. I also think that thesis writing service usa can be as much as people would want to them to be in the long run still.

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