Seek To Understand The Different Types Of Investment

These were the words of one investment advisor; Timothy Armour. Tim attended college at Middlebury in Los Angeles where he attained a bachelor degree in Economics. Soon after school he joined Capital Group where he worked as a participant in the associates program. Following his experience, commitment and hard work, the board of directors of Capital Group decided to elect him as the chairman on July 2015.

He was to take that position from James Rothenberg who passed away as a result of health problems. Prior to this, he worked at Equity Investment Company as an investment analyst where he covered global telecommunications and the United States service companies. Capital Group’s goal is to deliver great long term investment to the clients and investors and also it is committed serve the investors and their advisors in the best way possible.

Armour advises the investors to go for active managers who are dedicated and committed to their work. In the past the investors have experienced huge losses resulting from too many mediocre and expensive funds, but with the active managers their returns are bond to grow. The reason is that managers will be keener on the market trends and thus invest the funds entrusted to them in high return ventures. Moreover the active managers will make sure that the investors save more for retirement and stay invested for a longer period of time.

Warren Buffet; an investor, has in the past years proven to be the best made it through by using the approach of bottom –up investing; analyzing companies and build a durable portfolio. Furthermore, he talks of how the consumers should be keen on the product labels in, consumers should be wary of product labels in different industries. He uses the index funds instead of hedge funds where he has already invested in S&P 500 passive index fund. Armour thinks that Buffet is right and emphasizes that investors should look for the best method of investments so as to benefit from them now and in the future.

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