Securus Technologies Protecting Officers from Violence

When I show up to work at the local prison, I know that I am entering a very dangerous and hostile environment where inmates want to take me out at any opportunity they can. This is why me and my fellow officers go to great lengths to try and make the jail as safe a working environment as possible. These are a few of the things we do daily that aid in our efforts to maintain safety for everything behind those prison walls.


My team head to the inmate cells each morning to do inspections and look for any type of illegal contraband. We then move to the visitor center where we do physical searches of all the guests, then wait until they have concluded and check the inmates before they return to their cells. My team used to have to designate time each day monitoring the phones to listen when the inmates are talking, but not since we had Securus Technologies install their updated monitoring system.


Securus Technologies CEO, Richard Smith, says all of his employees of this Dallas-based company are committing their time to making the world safer. Now that my team has learned how to use the LBS software, we can focus on making our immediate surroundings safer. The monitoring system now scans the calls the inmates are making and will alert my team if any chatter is heard.


Since the installation of the new monitoring system, we have been alerted to calls where one inmate discussed how easy it was to conceal his drugs inside the yard of the prison. One inmate bragged about selling drugs, while another begged his mother to sneak him in some of her prescription drugs. Each time we get the alert, we take swift and immediate action to ensure this is not a problem after today.


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