Mike Baur Ditched A Rewarding Swiss Banking Profession To Help Tech Startups

Business person and entrepreneur Mike Baur has led an inspiring and an impressive life. He experienced childhood in a district of Switzerland referred as Freiburg. Mike acquired business degrees from the University of Rochester and Bern University. His banking career commenced when he was merely 16 years old, as indicated by Wall Street Journal. In the year 1991, the youthful financial master turned into an apprentice with the Union Bank of Switzerland. It is only a few people had began their first profession as he did. A hiring director quickly clarified how he looked forward to go on with this UBS career. He recorded every promotion that Mike would receive before retiring. Even though, his life could not take after this long haul plan and took him to various distinct organizations and in addition his private firm.


Mike kept on working for UBS all through the 1990s. He was elevated to a critical admonitory position before hitting 30 years old. The gifted financier gave astute guidance to rich Swiss investors, including a couple of the country’s wealthiest people. Notwithstanding his prosperity at the organization, Baur chose to quit giving services to UBS in 2008 and ventured in Zurich office in a different bank Clariden Leu. Within the organization, Mike held a high position for around six years. In spite of the fact that he reaped benefits from liberal and dependable remuneration, the wealth management master decided to venture into something different in the year 2014. The post-retreat financial situation had influenced this industry and making it less appealing to Mike as bankers required to devote great amounts of red tape and time. However, Mike needed to concentrate on his new enthusiasm for helping tech business visionaries.


To fulfill his objective of helping technology new companies with youthful proprietors, Mike helped to establish an organization known as Swiss Startup Factory in the year 2014. He joined forces with Max Meister, a kindred graduate of Bern University. The hatchery program helps Swiss business people by giving training and mentoring administrations. It likewise supplies subsidizing to promising new businesses. The new firms benefit from accessing rent-free facilities in Switzerland’s biggest city. Every new enterprise gets three months period of help. Participants of the startups through the program learn to market their services and products worldwide. They additionally have opportunities to connect with kindred tech business people. The training procedure encourages them figure out how to acquire financing from investors. These opportunities and services enormously improve the probability of long haul achievement.


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