Insightful Fashion Brand by Fabletics

The company was founded in the year 2013 by a fashion giant called Techstyle Fashion Group, based in the United States of America. The clothing business was started based on needs of everyday woman. The approach focused on an individual dressing in an elegant fashion, on budget, while still keeping up with decent styles.


The approach endorsed by Gregg Throgman identified Kate Hudson as the ideal candidate to take the brand to a new level. The brand appealed to Kate too. It embraced the aspects of a lady in a truly comfortable way. It fitted in one’s lifestyle instead of the conventional mode whereby you have to adjust yourself to a fashion. As an actress, it was all about her personality blending with Fabletics. With no previous history in design and marketing, Kate Hudson’s own relation to the clothing line was the only selling tool.


Atheleisure is a term coined by Fabletics to capture both freedom and hustle that comes with a hardworking woman. Fabletics was focused on producing an attire that captured a number of needs. It had to budget friendly while remaining classy. The quality was not a compromise to the price also. This was an uphill task, especially with the existence of big clothes retail stores already clinching to huge market shares.


Kate won over the selection due to her warm homely nature. She was the perfect representation of a modern lady. He celebrity status provided a stepping stone for the brand. Her acceptance was authentic, a signature of trust and originality of the fashion. From the word go, she gave it her all. The financial planning and the media coverage were crucial to success. The platform was set.


The goal of outputting the clothes at half price to identical ones in the market faced some hiccups. The quality was wanting. This led to the launching of the brand to be postponed to a later date. Criticism by famous celebrities also gave a challenge that created a major setback. It also became disappointing when a customer ordered an item that was not available in the stores.


Kate identified gratification of the buyer as vital and initiated changes in handling orders. This resulted into satisfaction after a completed sale. The stock taking was also organized to reflect the factory status and purchase status of a product. This strategy has seen Fabletics receive recognition from the Better Business Bureau.

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