Rebel Wilson: An Amazing Star

The thing that connects Rebel Wilson with audiences all across the world is the fact she is just like her fans. When they meet her or see her on screen, even though she is playing larger than life characters, they get the sense she is just like them.

She never acts like a big shot or like she is too big for her britches. She has always remained humble, kind, and incredibly funny. Success has not changed her, and that is truly saying something because it changes a lot of people out there. They are not sure how to handle it, and because of this, their career can end up in a very bad place.

Fans of Rebel Wilson don’t have to worry about that. With Rebel Wilson, what you see is what you get. That is meant in the most positive of ways. She likes to make people laugh, loves to make good movies, and she cares about what message she is sending out to the universe. Read more: Rebel Wilson on Winning Battles Producing Films | Vogue and Pitch Perfect Star Rebel Wilson Talks Clothing Line Secrets | Today

When reading interviews with her, two words stick out: heart and brain. She is all about the brain of a script. She wants it to be something that audiences can relate to, and it will also give them something to think about as well. Heart is big with her too. She doesn’t want to be seen as a one trick pony. It is why she challenges herself with each and every role.

She looks for what she can bring to it and how she can make it unique, one of a kind, and interesting for audiences out there. When someone is paying their hard earned money to see a Rebel Wilson movie, she wants them to walk away with some food for thought. Read more:

She is smart, well spoken, and ready for whatever comes her way in Hollywood. It is that type of attitude that has allowed her to have such a successful career after moving to the United States from Australia back in 2010. She tells a great story about how she found an agent within days.

It was because her agent said they had no one on their books like her. She was someone that was comfortable doing her own thing. She also learned that fat can be funny and it does not have to be condescending or mean. As a matter of fact, she called herself Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect franchise. In the vain Hollywood landscape, not many actors or actresses would bring attention to this.

She was not ashamed of it and she never has been afraid to talk about her weight or make it a subject of discussion. She owns it, rocks it, and uses it to get genuine laughs as opposed to cheap laughs.

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Ara Chackerian Angel Investor and Entrepreneur

Ara Chackerian is the world’s philanthropic entrepreneur based in California. His role focuses on community-based activities. He has also spent best of his profession in the healthcare field where he has long-term experience in healthcare technology. He is also a member of various boards in the Bay area. Ara Chackerian has a great interest in environmental and youth development services besides his career. Some of the biological activities include utilizing the agricultural practices to ensure the community operations do not spoil the local environment.

Ara Chackerian obtains ideas for his latest development from his business partners. Therefore he and his long-term partner decided to establish an outpatient radiology center in other areas of healthcare. Thus they spent more than ten years in building the network of centers in California. During this time that one of his partners suggested that they establish an outpatient psychiatry space as a new device for treating depression.

According to Ara Chackerian’s research, therefore the main role of this program was based on the treatment of depressive disorders. The application consequently solved the problem of lack of awareness and access to treatment.

Ara Chackerian is keen on digital healthcare. Therefore his interest is focused on the telemedicine and digital apps that have the potential of bringing tremendous value to the healthcare system. For instance, depression patients tend to change communication patterns in speech and frequency. Therefore the implementation of technology will enable the health professionals to pick up the behavior changes and help the patients to assess the deterioration of one behavioral health.

Finally, Ara Chackerian believes that TMS has the potential of helping thousands of people suffering from various medication resistance depressions. He, therefore, plans to expand his services and believes that his experience together with his partners in building outpatient facilities had the potential of generating something of value to the patients in need of their services.


How Gulf Coast Energy Is Improving The Oil And Gas Industry

Gulf Coast Western LLC is also known as Joint Ventures is responsible for managing oil and gas partnerships. They do this by combining resources, talent, and knowledge of the industry in order to acquire and develop domestic oil and gas rigs. They typically focus their resources on the gulf coast regions in the United States as that is where a large majority of our gas and oil is found.

This family-owned business was founded in 1970 in Dallas, Texas and has grown to have locations in other places in Texas, in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and in Colorado. They have gained two partnerships with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration as well as Orbit Energy Partners. These partnerships have allowed Gulf Coast Western to continue getting hundreds of prospective gas and oil rigs. These prospects cover almost 1,000 square miles across Acadia, Allen, Calcasieu, Cameron, and more. These partnerships specifically mention Warhorse Oil and Gas which Gulf Coast Western operates and has led to the development of many wells. This has led to even more wells being acquired and produced across Louisiana. With these partnerships and so many wells being acquired, there is expected to be upwards of 800 more oil barrels that are produced on a daily basis. They also plan to increase the potential of more wells being produced over the next year.

Through the partnerships that Gulf Coast Energy has, they have been able to gain more than 1,000 accredited collaborations across the entire nation which has allowed the company to conduct exploration and research in areas that are thought to be rich in gas and oil so that they may develop thousands of producing acres in the future.

Matthew Fleeger is the current president and CEO of Gulf Coast Energy and has a high level of knowledge in oil, gas, and waste management and is highly regarded for his strategic planning, team building, and contract negotiation tactics that have allowed for so much oil and gas production to happen in the United States recently.

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A Spotlight on Luke Lazarus’ Professional Life

Luke Lazarus is a seasoned business consultant who has been helping many early stage start-ups to develop from their infant stage to prominent service providers in Australia’s business sector.

The consultant provides powerful business insights that help managers to enhance their start-up’s brand visibility, focus on essential business operations, seek financial support from investors, as well as implement vital business plans. He has served Australia’s business industry for over two decades. Read more: Luke Lazarus –  and Luke Lazarus Profile |

How did Luke Lazarus start his career?

Mr. Lazarus began his career after acquiring his master in business administration from Melbourne Business School. After finalizing his studies, the expert started establishing and selling start-ups.

By his 33rd birthday, he had created and sold four start-ups. After gaining sufficient skills, Lazarus began working as an independent consultant.

Which areas does Luke Lazarus specialize in?

As a consultant, Mr. Lazarus helps entrepreneurs with the information they need to start their businesses, regain momentum, as well as maintain a consistent growth trajectory. He specializes in:

Drafting business plans

Mr. Lazarus helps his clients to formulate business plans that can entice investors and partners. The business plans have a clear vision, effective financial models, and prospective limitations.

He helps his clients to conduct industry-specific research

Besides drafting business plans, Luke Lazarus helps his clients to identify lucrative growth openings, identify customer influence points, as well as analyze the market competition.

These pieces of information help start-ups to formulate and implement policies that would help them survive the antagonism from already established competitors.

He helps start-ups to refine their business operations

Luke Lazarus helps his clients to improve their activities as a tactic to maintain a stable growth path. He evaluates a start-up’s operations, identifies issues, and recommends practical remedies to mitigate the problems.

Lazarus helps start-ups to get investors

Mr. Lazarus has helped several start-ups to secure financial support from investors. He helps entrepreneurs to highlight convincing reasons why they need financial support, as well as link captivating brand stories to the highlighted financial needs.

The presentation persuades investors to support the start-ups. His clients define him as a proven asset.

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