How Gulf Coast Energy Is Improving The Oil And Gas Industry

Gulf Coast Western LLC is also known as Joint Ventures is responsible for managing oil and gas partnerships. They do this by combining resources, talent, and knowledge of the industry in order to acquire and develop domestic oil and gas rigs. They typically focus their resources on the gulf coast regions in the United States as that is where a large majority of our gas and oil is found.

This family-owned business was founded in 1970 in Dallas, Texas and has grown to have locations in other places in Texas, in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and in Colorado. They have gained two partnerships with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration as well as Orbit Energy Partners. These partnerships have allowed Gulf Coast Western to continue getting hundreds of prospective gas and oil rigs. These prospects cover almost 1,000 square miles across Acadia, Allen, Calcasieu, Cameron, and more. These partnerships specifically mention Warhorse Oil and Gas which Gulf Coast Western operates and has led to the development of many wells. This has led to even more wells being acquired and produced across Louisiana. With these partnerships and so many wells being acquired, there is expected to be upwards of 800 more oil barrels that are produced on a daily basis. They also plan to increase the potential of more wells being produced over the next year.

Through the partnerships that Gulf Coast Energy has, they have been able to gain more than 1,000 accredited collaborations across the entire nation which has allowed the company to conduct exploration and research in areas that are thought to be rich in gas and oil so that they may develop thousands of producing acres in the future.

Matthew Fleeger is the current president and CEO of Gulf Coast Energy and has a high level of knowledge in oil, gas, and waste management and is highly regarded for his strategic planning, team building, and contract negotiation tactics that have allowed for so much oil and gas production to happen in the United States recently.

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