Madison Street Wins Significant Award

Madison Street Capital is a boutique investment-banking firm based in Chicago. While the firm is young compared to other firms in the industry, it has grown over the past decade into one of the leading firms in the world. Madison Street Capital has a number of different specialties and practices, which helps to separate them from other firms in their industry.


One of the company’s leading specialties is to act as an advisor in the mergers and acquisitions field. The company has helped to put together dozens of different deals over the past few years, which has helped them become a preferred advisor with clients and industry peers. Overall, the Madison Street Capital reputation in the industry revolves around their ability to get even the most complex deals accomplished, while providing the most value possible to their clients.


While Madison Street currently already has a strong reputation with their clients, industry peers, and other parties, they have recently received a lot of award nominations and wins. While the company received a lot of awards last year, they are starting the 2017 calendar year off strong by winning a major award in their field.


Earlier this year, at the annual Turnaround Deal Awards presentation in Florida, Madison Street Capital was named the winner of the prestigious Restructuring Deal of the Year award. This award is given to the company that is able to put together and successfully executed on a very challenging transaction. The company will officially receive their award later this year when they will be at the Distressed Asset Award Ceremony.


Madison graciously accepted the award, which was based solely on smaller transaction of less than $25 million. The company has started to expand its focus on working on distressed transactions, which provides them with the ability to earn a larger return on investment and provide more services to their clients. This is just the latest award for the company. In 2016, the company received two awards at the Annual M&A Gala in New York City. The 2016 awards focused on both the company as the whole and also recognized several major deals they completed that year.


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How EOS Became an Industry Leader

For more than 100 years, the lip balm industry was dominated by brands like Chapstick. The balm almost felt like a prescription, since it had an active ingredient that was designed to protect the lips from harsh weather conditions. In later years, Chapstick flavors were introduced, and now it’s pretty commonplace to see the balm in mint or classic cherry varieties.

However, around seven years ago, pastel-colored cylinders of lip balm started becoming increasingly popular, and Chapstick suddenly wasn’t one of the only major option for keeping the lips healthy and moisturized. Celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus and even Kim Kardashian were even seen on their Facebook pages carrying these circles of lip moisturizer, which make Evolution of Smooth or EOS products even well known. The lip balms are also popular for their fragrant and pleasant tasting flavors that include extracts from mint, berries and melon. EOS lip balms also contain vitamins and minerals that protect the lips from damage and premature aging. EOS products are available online on eBay and Amazon.

The founders of EOS, who have long been quiet about their business strategy, recently spoke with Fast Company about the steps they took to create a $250 million organic cosmetic empire. EOS is now the second best selling lip balm in the United States, second only to Burt’s Bees.

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How Fabletics is Making Huge Strides in the Amazon-dominated Fashion e-Commerce Market

Thriving in the competitive fashion world when Amazon is currently in charge of 20 percent of the e-commerce market is not a walk in the park. However, Kate Hudson of Fabletics is doing exactly that by building a $250 million e-commerce business within three years. In line with its mission of expanding its activewear movement, Fabletics utilizes subscription system to sell outfits to its clients.

How does Fabletics manage physical stores differently?

  1. Fabletics promotes “ reverse showrooming

Fabletics has succeeded in transforming browsing into a positive. Its current strategy enables it to establish meaningful relationships. It strives to understand the local markets better by orchestrating events and other entertaining events. Therefore, 30 to 50 percent of people that show up at the physical stores are already members and 25 percent subscribe as members in store.

  1. Creating a balance between physical and digital worlds

Fabletics knows that displaying the right content in both the physical and digital world is the best tactic for optimizing the client’s brand journey. Leveraging online data concerning fashion preferences indicate that brick-and-mortar stores will only shelve items, which have a high likelihood of appealing to the shoppers. The items in stock change according to shifts in trends and tastes. Fabletics stocks its stores depending on the numerous inputs, such as membership favorites for local members, store heat-mapping data, social media sentiment, and real-time sales activity. According to the senior VP in charge of Fabletics’ operations, Dustin Netral, Fabletics builds its brand by combining fashion preference with data on user preference to increase satisfaction.

  1. Concentration on accessibility, customers, and culture

Fabletics continues to face numerous challenges as it expands and venture into new territories comprised of new competitors. Luckily the balance of lifestyle, client education, and exceptional customer experience seems to be paying off. Entrepreneurs who are considering investing in the e-commerce market in 2017 must come up with plans for competing with Amazon. New Fashion brands such as Bonobos and Warby Parker are marking a territory in the market with enterprise technology, innovative products, and database.



Fabletics is a recognized online subscription retailer that focuses on selling sportswear and accessories designed to address the personal desires and fashion preferences of women. The firm has earned its reputation for its unique e-commerce business model. The company offers personalized outfits that are selected based on the lifestyle and fashion needs of members. Fabletics operates under TechStyle Fashion Group, formerly called JustFab. Kate Hudson joined hands with fashion entrepreneurs, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, to launch Fabletics back in 2013.

Adam Milstein Uses Persistence to Break Resistance

He is a managing partner at Hagar Pacific Properties, a real estate investment and managing company with operations across the United Sates. Some of the properties under the company’s management include retail, office, multi-family business, and industrial buildings.

Being a managing partner of a company with a portfolio of over $2 billion is not a brow-combing task. Adam believes that the success of a company ought to be based on multi-approach technique.

If one approach fails, then another will take its place. This is what he terms as persistence. Markets are susceptible to rapid change. A flexibility of sorts is therefore required. As such, the Israeli-Born real estate investor is no subscriber to uni-formula approach. Learn more about more Adam Milstein:

Three years after graduating from Technion, Adam Milstein arrived in the United States in 1981 to pursue higher education. He went ahead to graduate with an MBA from the University of South California. He says he received a few offers, which he politely declined. He ventured into Real estate business in 1983. He later moved from being a successful broker to being real estate investor.

The former IDF man has many accolades including his patriotic services during the Yom Kippur War. He is untiring in this service. Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is an opportunity he seized to educate young Jewish professionals living in the United States about their Jewish heritage.

The expectation is that these young professionals would continue to advocate for their homeland. Non-Jewish students who wish to understand facts and figures about Israel are also accepted into the program. This program caters the needs of more than 15,000 students.

Through the efforts of his organizations, Adam continues to forge closer ties between the Jewish people in the United States and the Jewish Homeland. He views the continued cooperation as a necessity rather than a luxury.

According to Aish, Adam Milstein is a person of many initiatives. He co-founded the Israeli-American Council and went on to become chairman. He is also affiliated with Israel on Campus Coalition among other fellowships.

Adam Milstein currently lives in Enchino, CA. With his companion, Gila, they are blessed with three children and the same number of awesome grandchildren.

Financier George Soros Is Not A Trump Supporter And That Won’t Change

It’s no secret. George Soros bet big on Hillary Clinton. Clinton and Soros developed a friendship over the last 20 years, and that friendship brought Soros back to politics as a political donor in 2016. The last time Soros made a large contribution to a presidential election was in 2004. Soros wanted to keep George W. Bush out of the White House.

Hillary Clinton was the candidate that most of the country wanted in the White House, and Soros had enough money available to make Clinton president on Snopes. But Trump proved to be a formidable and shrewd opponent. He beat the political pundits at their own game by using tactics that didn’t conform to the established rules of order. He hit below the belt, and that appealed to millions of people that wanted the political system to take a sucker punch and be knocked out.

George Soros donated more than $14 million to the Democratic candidates, and most of those candidates lost. According to an article published by Politico, Soros immediately went to work, and he is formulating a plan to hold Trump accountable when he takes office in 2017. Soros called a meeting of the Democratic Donor Alliance, and that group met in Washington to develop a plan to checkmate Trump and to reorganize the Democratic Party. High-profile Democrats on and elected officials attended that meeting, and a strategy was discussed. What that strategy is, remains to be seen.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that George Soros lost more than $1 billion after the election because of his bearish position in the stock market on Soros made some financial moves before the election, and those moves hurt, but the Soros Management Fund still finished 2016 with a 5 percent return. Soros is used to losing and then recouping his losses. That is the nature of his investment business. But George Soros doesn’t like to lose when it comes to human rights and Democratic principles. That’s why he is fighting back after the Trump win.

Soros called Trump a “would-be dictator, and he believes Trump will have a negative impact on the U.S. economy, according to A border tax on Mexican imports could have an impact on the world’s economy, according to Soros. In fact, the border tax is just one of the issues that Soros thinks will unravel economic growth.

The loss to Trump is a catalyst for the 86-year-old billionaire. Instead of retreating from the political scene like he did in 2004, George Soros is standing firm, and he is challenging Trump to do the right thing. The right thing is to keep the borders open, acknowledge climate changing threats, and to honor the Democratic system.

Trump is wealthy, but he’s not a wealthy as George Soros. Soros is a formidable foe with worldwide connections and a hefty cash flow. And Soros is not afraid to use that cash to stop Trump from turning the free world into an insane sideshow. The chance that Trump will ask for help from Soros is slim. Both men have different political and social beliefs.

Richard Blair is Providing Sound Investment and Crucial Wealth Solutions to People in Austin

Wealth Solutions is an institution that provides its clients with top services. The agency ensures that its customers grow financially. The company also protects and manages the assets of its customers. The company was founded by a successful businessman, known as Richard Blair.

Blair has a lot of expertise in the industry, and this is why his company has done so well over the years. The consulting company is based in Austin, and it currently operates as a Registered Investment Advisory company.

Richard believed that everyone requires a solid plan that will enable them to pursue their financial goals. This has forced him to arm the Texas communities with the wealth management services. His institution also provides retirement planning solutions.

According to Crunchbase, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions follows a comprehensive three-pillar plan in his activities. Using these pillars, it is easy to understand the financial situation of the client and the retirement needs they have. This pillars also make it easy for the company to develop a holistic plan that suits everyone.

The first pillar is designed to help the consumer in laying out a successful financial roadmap. The pillar identifies the strength of the client, his goals, growth opportunities and risk tolerance.

After understanding where the client is coming from, then it is very easy to help the come up with a financial road map that is successful.

The second pillar in Wealth Solutions is used to help in developing a long-term approach that can meet the ever-changing needs of the consumer. The pillar is designed to meet the liquidity requirements of the clients.

This pillar also meets the investment goals of the customer. Blair and his team reallocate and also manage assets to make sure that there is maximum performance by the client.

The third pillar is useful after Richard, and his team have determined all the clients’ goals and also established the strategies that will be used to achieve these goals.

This is when the insurance needs of the customer are met. In most cases, this includes the long term and life insurance case. Annuities are also given priority in this stage. Blair has worked in the industry for a long time, earning a lot of experience.

The Affluent Career of Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is an executive talent acquisition lead of the Deutsche Bank. She is well endowed with several skills such as talent acquisition, talent management, executive search, team leadership, behavioral interviewing, corporate recruiting, and employee training and hiring. Besides, she is excellently wise in human resource, coaching, management, technical recruiting, conflict resolution, executive staffing, change management, succession management and applicant management. Equipped with these diverse skills, Julie Zuckerberg has worked for various top ranking organizations and achieved remarkable milestones in her career.


Working experience


Julie Zuckerberg is a philosophy graduate from the City University of New York-Brooklyn College. Her career began in 2002 when she worked as the Director of Candidate Placement at Hudson. During her five-year tenure at Hudson, Julie recruited attorneys, case managers, paralegals, and temporary and permanent staff for law firms, financial organizations, and corporations. Besides, she excellently served as a link between clients and employees ensuring that problems within the workplace were resolved and made sure that the organization complied with all the legal requirements. Moreover, she helped the employees to get crucial information concerning working conditions, benefits and promotion opportunities. In 2007, she left Hudson for Citi Global Functions where she served as the Executive Recruiter. While there she carried out executive level recruitment for senior positions in legal, audit and compliance departments. She also counseled hiring managers on various aspects such as the creation of job description, succession planning, and open position specifications. She is also attributed to the development of various recruiting techniques such as internet search, social media, employee referrals, and direct sourcing. From 2011-2013 she worked as the Executive Recruiter of Citi Global Consumer Bank whereby she advised senior business leaders on talent, compensation, competitive markets and recruiting strategies. She also developed and negotiated complex job offers such as equity buyouts, relocation, deferred awards, and claw backs. Besides she sourced talents globally, managed international relocations and expatriate process, participated in candidate vetting, fee negotiation, and firm selection.


From November 2013 to February 2014, she held the position of Experienced Hiring Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President of New York Life Insurance Company. During her tenure, she provided the firm with full life cycle recruiting, offer development, talent strategy planning and execution. She closely worked with senior management in analyzing client needs and provided creative business solutions. From April 2014 to date she has been working for the Deutsche Bank in Greater New York City Area. Initially, she held the position of Vice President, Executive Recruiter, and Talent Acquisition. During her tenure at that position, she partnered with hiring managers and business partners in managing full cycle recruitment for managing directors in various departments such as compliance, audit, finance, strategy, the global technology and regional management. From November 2015, she was promoted to become the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead: Private, Wealth and Commercial Clients, Asset Management and GTO. In her current position, she has partnered with business leaders in private wealth, commercial customers, asset management, global technology, and operations to drive talent acquisition and recruitment processes. She also provides strategic direction and coaching to various senior managers in the firm. Besides, she counsels leaders and executives on hiring, and recruitment with the aim of attracting top talents.



Jason Hope: About The Amazing Life Of This Tech Entrepreneur

One of the most well-known tech entrepreneurs in Arizona is Jason Hope. Below is information about his personal live, his role in developing technology, his philanthropy efforts and more.

About Jason Hope And His Education

Jason Hope is a businessman who is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a futurists, as well as an investor. He has a strong passion for technology and he enjoys giving back to his community. Jason Hope grew up in the state of Arizona and he graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in finance. He also graduated from the W.P. Carey School of Business with an MBA.

Technology Development

Jason Hope is a a tech entrepreneur at heart and he is great at what he does. Hope and his company specialize in developing various tech products. These products include mobile apps and software for the desktop. He also develops gaming products and much more. Jason Hope also provides business consulting services, which means if a person runs a business and would like consultation in regards to developing apps and software, then they can contact Hope.


Jason Hope works with various organizations and one of the things he is most passionate about is the research that the SENS foundations does.

He likes the fact that SENS is focused on finding cures for a number diseases related to aging, which includes heart disease, lung disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. He said he wants to focus on stopping those diseases from happening in the first place and there is too much focused on treating them and not enough focus on what can be done to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Jason Hope’s Grants

However, the ideas have to be related to technology and not everyone who submits an idea will be approved. Hope does look over as many submissions as he can, which is why his company encourages people to submit solid plans. The grants he provides range from $500 to $5,000.

Those who are interested in doing business with Hope and his company can contact him via his website.

Nationwide Title Clearing-Making The Real Estate Market Less of a Mystery

Recently, Title Defects have become more of a concern in the real estate market. Some believe that this can cause unfair foreclosures and others argue that they are the cause of stagnation within the market. According to Nationwide Title Clearing Inc., the key to ensuring a smooth title transition with less buyback risk or inability to foreclose, lies in the property records. Nationwide Title Clearing has taken all of the necessary steps in order to insure that the process of securing properties remains quite simple. The company has launched a website that makes property reports accessible online.


Title defects normally happen when an entity or person tries to lay claim to a property that is already owned by someone other than themselves. There are also many other factors that could render the title invalid such as noncompliant wording in the document that clashes with the local real estate standards. Other factors include failure to include a signature, previous liens, and failure to follow proper procedures when filing documents. CEO John Hillman believes it is vital to address title defects before transferring a property.


The Nationwide Title Clearing has an edge because they obtain data from numerous sources and offer human verification combined with automation to service large lenders in the United States. Because of their procedures and methods, the Nationwide Title Company is able to meet even the most rigorous and audited compliance regulations. They are able to produce the kind of results that their clients demand and they are successful due to the fact that they have a full understanding of the needs of their clients. They create customized reports to match their individual clients and deliver only the best.


Nationwide Title Clearing has a rejection rate of less than one percent, thanks to their high standards and acceptance of nothing less than perfection. The new training they they have developed is allowing people to better understand their loans, leaving much less room,if any, for error. The training that they have developed has been designed to make the art of mortgage lending less of a mystery and much more straightforward to the average person. The result is a 99.9 percent compliance rate across its complete line of services and a much clearer lending market for clients.

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Twenty Three Layers


Hiring the right event planner can be tricky. Are they good? Can they follow instructions? Can they bring your vision to fruition? You may be asking yourself these questions when in the process of hiring an event planner. Here are some tips to help to find a match.


Why are you holding this event in the first place, and why hire a planner? Sorting out the basic details like the budget and what you want from this professional will help you find the right match.


When looking for a qualified event planner it is good to seek out several people and then ask around. Just don’t talk to people who hired them, meet with professionals in the field, including venues places that the event planner worked with. You can also speak with the local Chamber of Commerce and such. Checking references is a must!


Once you pick the right event planner for the job, you must provide all the details to them. Also, meeting them in person is best because you can get a better feel for them than over a phone call or email. They are a professional after all!


Get involved! If you participate you will more likely be happy with the outcome. If you don’t like something speak up. If you communicate with them there will be less miscommunication. If all else fails, you can fire them and find a new event planner.


If you are looking for event planning companies in New York City to celebrate your special event Twenty Three Layers could be the one for you. There are so many event planners in New York City, but Twenty Three Layers stands out in the crowd. They have a eye for detail that can’t be beat. Whether you want a simple and elegant event or a big and glamorous party, they can cater to your needs.