Talkspace Team up with Olympian Michael Phelps to Combat Mental Health Stigmas

Talkspace is a text therapy company formed in 2012 in New York. They offer a cheap, more flexible therapy option for patients who may not have the means or desires to see a therapist in a traditional therapy environment. Michael Phelps is a well-known Olympic athlete and swimmer who has been public about his battles with anxiety and depression. The two have teamed up to help bring awareness to the prevalence of mental health issues, as well as try and smash through some societal stigmas about them.

Phelps wants his story about how he was battling with his issues while he was a professional athlete to go public, and for the help and strength he gained from therapy. Talkspace wants to help Phelps get his message out, and in the process try and reach as many people with their services as possible. Already having over a million clients, Talkspace wants people to know what their options for therapy are.

Many people can’t afford the high price of therapy, as they don’t have insurance, or the insurance they have doesn’t cover mental health. Many other people simply don’t want to step into a therapists office for a variety of reasons. Either way, Talkspace is seeking to provide a viable alternative to both of these problems.

Charging less than an average therapists office, Talkspace has several tiers of service they provide. The average tier allows for the client to text their licensed therapist at their leisure, with the therapist responding up to twice a week over a five day period.

Talkspace uses an assessment process to match clients with the right therapist, but the client can choose to change therapists at any time, just as with most therapy offices. Their therapists have set times during the week when they respond to clients, though there are also emergency lines in place to help those clients in immediate need.

Clients can see who their therapist is and what their qualifications and experience are on the Talkspace website. They also feature a guest blog page for their therapists to introduce themselves to their client base.


Apia Fagali I Airport is served with Aztec Airlines and you’ll be able to discover direct flights to the island from pick U.S. cities, such as Honolulu.

Dohop has deals for flights to and from Fagali’I Airport (FGI) and prices to local hotels. . IATA Code and ICAO Code of airports in Samoa.

This webpage provides complete details regarding the Fagali I Airport together with the airport destination, Time Zone, lattitude and longitude, Present date and time, hotels close to the airport . . Fagali I Airport Map showing the location of the airport at Samoa. Samoa Air will Start utilizing Apia’s Fagali’i Airport at Samoa for flights to American Samoa in Wednesday. Considering that re-opening Fagali’i, Polynesian Airlines has obtained a third DHC-6 Twin Otter to serve the Samoas in light of this cessation of providers of Inter-Island Airways, which functioned a Pago-Pago established service to Faleolo, Samoa and the Manu’a islands to the East of Tutuila Samoa Airways currently services that the American Samoan routes with numerous weekly solutions to Ta’u (Fitiuta) and after weekly solutions to Ofu-Olosega Islands. Visit Fagali Airport at Wikipedia to find out more.

Fagali’i Airport is the title of a broadly known airport that is situated in Apia in Samoa. In partnership with supplies exceptionally competitive prices for all types of resorts near Apia Fagali I Airport, Samoa, from cheap family resorts to the luxury ones.

In partnership with supplies exceptionally competitive prices for all types of resorts near Apia Fagali I Airport (FGI), Samoa, from cheap family resorts to the most luxurious ones.

Assess the current status of flights coming into Fagali’i Airport (FGI), Samoa. Search 33 resorts near FGI airport supplying supreme convenience and relaxation for travelers that wish to remain near Apia airport… 12 mi from Fagali’i.

There are two airlines which have flights in and outside of their Fagali Airport, and They’re Talofa Airways and Samoa Airways (recently bought by Polynesian Airlines). Many Different airlines have taken benefit of Fagali’i Airport, such as Polynesian Airlines, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airway and Talofa Airways. Fagali’i Airport can be extremely suitable for excursions into Tutuila Island, That’s the House of the Pago Pago International Airport of American Samoa.

The Fagali’i airport is also a significant part the transportation infrastructure of Apia, the capital and biggest city of Samoa.




Fagali’i Airport out of Tripcarta, the interactive travel guide. Share Little airport nearby Apia, with flights to/from Pago Pago and Savai’i.

Apia Fagili’i Airport serves the Samoan funding of Apia and will be the town’s secondary airport following Apia Faleolo Airport.

List of hotels in Fagali`i By default, Fagali`i resorts are sorted by category: the most lavish hotels in Fagali`i are listed first. Fagali`i hotel bargains comprise also long stay lodging Fagali`i offers.

Enter your travel dates to look at the best prices on resorts in Fagali’i – while they continue. Use the filters to find hotels in a particular place near Fagali’i, pick a particular theme, manufacturer, or resort class from fundamental (1 Star) to luxury resorts (5 Stars) near Fagali’i. View our choice of featured hotels near Fagali’i.

Conveniently situated in Apia, the fashionable Amanaki Hotel offers spacious bedrooms with sea views and an outside swimming pool along with an à la carte restaurant. Hotels in different areas nearest to the center of Fagali`i. Visit for more info.

For the best results, while it is a business matter or skilled circumstance, consider enlisting the assistance of a knowledgeable and reputable attorney such as Bruno Fagali. Industry observers see the Fagali’i Airport as an integral part of their Samoan economy, which as a Gross Domestic Product of approximately $1.2 billion. The latter is a Samoan operator that provides flights to points around Polynesia.

Fagali’i Airport was formerly owned and run by Polynesian. Getting to Fagali isn’t so difficult since the Samoa Airways has support from round the world on big Boeing airplanes, but to reach the island you want to board the tiny twin-engine DHC-6-300 Twin Otter aircraft which matches up to ten passengers. Book flights into and from Fagali I Airport on CheapOair now!

Supplying information on if Daylight saving time is detected and when DST starts and finishes for Fagali`i, Western District – and what the local date is to be able to modify clocks for spring/summer or fall/winter within this portion of Western District, American Samoa. Yahoo provides you many different merchandise and solutions for little if any price.

It is simple to find your resorts near Fagali’i using a few of those methods below: don’t hesitate to use the Expedia travel services form below, start your Fagali`i vacations now! Expedia features airline tickets, hotel bookings, car rental, cruises, and several additional Samoa in-destination providers from a broad choice of partners.

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Facts about Peter Briger, Principal of Fortress Investment Group

Facts about Peter Briger, Principal of Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is a professional in Finance, with vast experience in asset management and a business leader globally. Briger lives in San Francisco, California. He graduated from the Princeton University with a BA and proceeded to the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated with a Master’s degree in Business from the Wharton School of Business.

His Life and Career

Peter Briger has been a vital player in the development and success of Fortress Investment Group. Currently, Peter Briger is the principal of the Fortress Investment Group and subsequently co-chairs this investment organization. Peter has had the opportunity of holding several management positions in the firm. His daily responsibilities include running credit funds and the real estate business of FIG. For more than 15 years, Peter Briger worked for Goldman Sachs where he made a curve for his name. Briger joined Fortress Investments when the firm wanted to move away from private equity and ventured in investing in real estate and debt insurance. He remarkably raised a sum of up to $4.7 billion for Fortress Investment in the year 2015 making him the current manager of Fortress Investment Credit Portfolio, his creation when joining the Group. The firm stands out from many in the United States as it is a global investment firm that has expertise in the industry’s management all over the world. The firm boasts of managing an investment that is worth way above $65 billion. Briger had in possessions 66 million worth of shares that translate to above $2 billion in 2007, which placed him on the billionaire’s list when Fortress Investment Group issued a public IPO. On Forbes List of Billionaires, Briger is positioned 407 in the world, worth about $2.3 billion. Briger is a billionaire out of his efforts.

His Generous Deeds

Apart from his professional inputs in Fortress Investment, Briger is a Philanthropist and contributes a lot to charitable work. Tipping Point is a non-profit organization that he is a member of the board. This organization that Peter works for aims at assisting the unfortunate families with low-income in San Francisco. Briger has been an active supporter of conservancy including the central park conservancy that he contributed by funding $600 in supporting their conservancy projects. As a philanthropist and a member of the Board of Directors of Princeton University, Peter encourages the provision of quality education. He plays a significant role in assisting the children and finding ways of eradicating poverty in the communities. One of the programs that Peter has funded is the professorship program at Princeton University. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group


Tony Petrello: A Charming Career Achievement Journey

Tony Petrello is the chairman, chief executive and president of the Executive and Board Committee at the Nabors Industries Limited. The firm is based in Hamilton in Bermuda. It is one of the biggest world natural gas and geothermal drilling contractors.

It serves the regions in the Far East, United States, Africa, and the Middle East. Mr. Tony has a profound position at the Nabors Industries whose role has been significantly felt since 1968. Tony Petrello graduated from the famous Harvard University as well as Yale University. He has a juris doctorate degree from the recognized Harvard Law School. While at Yale University, Tony received degrees in BS and MS in mathematics.

His career journey started when Tony Petrello started working at Baker & McKenzie law firm in 1979. Between 1986 and 1991, he was serving at the New York office of the same law firm as a managing partner.

Tony Petrello’s journey in Nabors Industries started in 1991 as a chief operating officer. Not long, in 1992 he was appointed the president at the company. He moved on to be the deputy chairman of Nabors Industries in 2003 and served in this capacity up 2012.

Tony became the company’s chief executive officer in 2011. His service in the different leadership capacities has brought a great turn around and influence in the company. Tony concurrently serves as the director of the Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC. He owns membership at the Board of Trustees of the Texas Children’s Hospital. He is also a strong advocate on matters, programs around clinical, and research that addresses the needs of the children suffering from neurological disorders.

Tony Petrello is among the highest paid chief executive officers in the world. In 2015, his total compensation stood at $27,512, 939. In 2016, his total compensation from the stock options to the salary was around $15,372,429. His roommate Lloyd commended this kind of high earning for Tony. These commendable earnings show that the company is doing perfectly well. He has built it to be an envied competitive gas and oil industry. Nabors Industry was founded in the year 1952 and has passed through various trends to become the leading company in the oil and gas drilling industry.

About Tony Petrello:

Communicating with Classdojo

Connecting with parents and students has always had it challenges. The learning application Classdojo is working to make this task easier for teachers. Launched in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, Classdojo has become one of the most widely used tools for connecting with parents. Classdojo is a communication platform that allows parents to communicate with parents unlike ever before. The application is used across the globe in more than 35 languages.

Classdojo allows teachers to communicate with parents and teachers in real time. Teachers can register for a free account and then quickly and easily set up their classroom. Teachers have the ability to invite parents to the community. This allows them to see their child’s progress along with important information from the teacher, all in real time. Classdojo even allows teacher to focus their communication on certain skills, leaving feedback in the most important areas.

Classdojo understands that the relationship between teachers, students and parents hinges on trust. Privacy protection is one of their most important focuses. There are three central areas of privacy focus which include the following: control, a 12-month deletion and privacy. The app does not share any student personal information with advertisers or marketers. Additionally Classdojo does nocollect any sensitive information about students such as gender, social security number, or student Id.

It’s clear that students are enjoying this app. As of today it is being used in more than 90% of American schools. Students love the ability to create and personalize their own avatar. Their parents can get immediate feedback and the program is accessible outside the school buildings. The app also includes a large number of helpful tools for teachers including things like a timer, a group maker, a random app that selects random students and a think pair share app. Classdojo is an amazing tool that a great and much needed communication platform.


Waiakea Water.. Naturally

The Hawai’i volcanic water bottling company Waiakea is the first of its kind. It is fully sustainable per its pre, during and post bottling methods and actions earning it the first ever awarded CarboNeutral Certified status. Its natural filtration makes the Waiakea water pH level ideal for the serious athlete and the casual hyadrator. Founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons because he noticed the volcanic water benefits while enjoying an island vacation with his wife and children, it is a sole pioneer on the water bottling front.

The water flows through thousands of feet of natural, porous volcanic formations before he sources it. This occurrence is what gives it its flavor, purity and nutritional values. Waiakea uses 100% recycled polyethylene terephtalate (100% RPET rating) for its BPA free bottles. Similarly, the Company expands its green consciousness by expending less than 20% of the power typically spent by bottling companies to house their product in recycled bottles and 10% of the amount of water most companies use to get it from source to consumer. Furthermore, the Hawaiian volcanic water company maximizes its consideration of excising any carbon print by observing special shipping arrangements. CEO Ryan Emmons only uses the empty spaces that remain once freight vessels are already set to deliver.

Likewise, Waiakea applies further agreeable action toward sustainable development goals (SDGs) by donating 650 liters of clean water for each 1 liter of its sold product making access available to those who would not otherwise have it. This charitable consideration is accomplished through a partnership with PumpAid, a notable community aid agency for the marginalized and those at risk of acquiring exacerbated health detriment due to their typical neighborhood water supply. This exceptional effort by Waiakea helps significantly change the daily existence and future options of so many of the less fortunate who share the planet.

As mentioned earlier, the natural filtration of this Hawai’i volcanic water gives it a volcanic water pH average measure of 8.2 with a range of 7.8 to 8.8, an alkaline level that promotes joint and muscle health. Studies also report that it may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 11% per its silica mineral content. The flow also develops its natural sweetness and its palate versatility. It has a total dissolved solids (tds) measure of 79 that allows us to drink it with all types of cuisines, textures and flavors. Ryan Emmons honors the Hawaiian pride associated with their at oneness with nature. He and his family took the vacation and we all reap the benefits.

PSI Pay new invention of making payment

The evolution of technology has brought about significant changes within the society. One of the key aspects that have been affected is the mode of making payment within the business arena. Recently, the research conducted by British Retail Consortium shows more than half of all the purchases in Britain are currently done using the credit cards. The current partnership between PSI-Pay, Kerv Wearables, and its affiliate indicates the end of using cash as a means of payment. The domination of the cashless payment will be aided by the two companies and other affiliates who are championing of the release of first contactless payment ring to the global market. In the UK the number of the stores accepting the cashless payment is increasing meaning that digging in your wallet to splash cash or punching your pin number will be a thing of the past. One of the key advantage of using the contactless money is the easiness in making payment since you access using the device at your own hand.

The latest research shows that for the first time in history, the use of cash and coins have been overtaken by the use of cards, through the affiliates of Kerv’s contactless payment ring for the first time is threatening the traditional means of payment such as coins and notes. Contactless payments or wave and pay has been in existence for more than ten years and recently accounts for more than a third of all the payments made in the UK as at 2015. The Church of England has not been left behind by the new mode of contactless payment. As a result, the church has jumped in and is taking part in the piloting of the contactless payment where more than forty churches are receiving donation using the approach. Contactless payment uses debit, credit or smart cards as a mode of payment for services and goods. The company behind the contactless payment is PSI-Pay, and it also offers the system. For contactless payment to operate efficiently, Kerv provides backup through the development of the proprietary ring. The proprietary ring is designed for both durability and comfort since they come into twelve different sizes catering for both genders. Despite the numerous challenges affecting the e-commerce, measures have been put in place to ensure the customers are protected.

Meet Kamil Idris—A Renowned Arbitrator at his Best

Kamil Idris had served as the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Director General for several years. Through his advocacy, the significance of intellectual property has become recognized in every continent. He has, over the years, ensuring that the rights of inventors are fully protected. Aside from being an intellectual property advocate, he is a renowned professor teaching subjects related to law and intellectual property.

His Advocacy of Sustainable Development

With the agenda of honoring and celebrating the world intellectual property day, known as WIPO, Kamil Idris addressed the world with a remarkable message. Held on 26th of April this year, the renowned professor recognized the fact that WIPO has become so popular with many governments and prominent organizations joining each year. Unfortunately, some people still ask why anyone needs to care about celebrating intellectual property. For such people, Kamil Idris had a message for them too. He noted that without property rights, major innovations and inventions existing in the world today would not be there. It is because of such matters that issues like climate change are addressed.

Kamil Idris also acknowledged the role of intellectual property on human creativity. He noted that the world is currently able to enjoy luxurious lifestyles composed of effortless communication and easy movement by air mainly because of intellectual property. Where it be a different case, people would be probably stuck in the Stone Age. This is why WIPO was launched to protect such innovations as well as pay tribute to those behind them.

About Kamil Idris

Kamil Idris is a Sudan representative who worked as the WIPO Director General between 1997 and 2008. He became part of the United National International Law Commission and had held several teaching positions where he teaches intellectual property and international law. Besides this, he was elected the President of the International Court of Arbitration Mediation (ICAM). The renowned professor is an intellect holding several academic accreditations. For example, he is an alumnus of the University of Khartoum and Geneva University from where he obtained his Ph.D. in LLB and International law honors respectively. He further holds different law degrees from at least 19 universities across the world.

The professor has written several books on intellectual property, economic development, and his memoir. Kamil Idris’ book, Intellectual Property, a Power Tool for Economic Growth, has been adopted by several academic institutions as a reference to the subject of intellectual property.

Robert Deignan Professional Profile

Robert Deignan is the Co-founder and CEO a technology company known as ATS Digital Services. ATS provides solutions to all digital solutions that consumers from all parts of the world experience. No matter the problem a consumer is facing, ATS Digital has solutions to all problems; simple or complex. Robert Deignan is taking advantage of the current boom in technological advancement to position his firm as a leader in solutions services. With the Internet of Things and other technologies rolling out fast, the role of such consumer support on matters of technology will be very significant in the next few years.

Robert Deignan is from Florida. He attended Purdue University after being offered a full scholarship due to his prowess in football. He pursued a degree in Organizational Leadership. After completing his studies, he participated in games through the NY Jets and Miami Dolphins before venturing into his first business. He opened a company known as Fanlink Inc. Despite joining business, Robert has never abandoned sports. He is still actively in various tournaments besides running his firm ATS Digital Services. Currently, Robert Deignan lives in Florida with his wife and son.

Robert Deignan says that his inspiration to create ATS Digital Services came from a company he used to work for previously. While working with this company, he realized the importance of customer support. The company was allowing users to download an anti-Malware product which they would first run as a trial before purchasing the products. Their product was so popular that competing companies blocked its installation. The company received numerous calls for customers who needed to be assisted with the installation. The company came up with an in-house customer support center that would remotely install the product on behalf of the clients.

Robert Deignan learned a vital lesson from this case. Many customers were happy with the solutions which were offered by the company. He also realizes that there many people who would like to be assisted with technical support, especially on matters technology. As a business minded person, he decided to set up a business that will not only solve the issues of malware but one that will offer solutions to all manner of problems.