Communicating with Classdojo

Connecting with parents and students has always had it challenges. The learning application Classdojo is working to make this task easier for teachers. Launched in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, Classdojo has become one of the most widely used tools for connecting with parents. Classdojo is a communication platform that allows parents to communicate with parents unlike ever before. The application is used across the globe in more than 35 languages.

Classdojo allows teachers to communicate with parents and teachers in real time. Teachers can register for a free account and then quickly and easily set up their classroom. Teachers have the ability to invite parents to the community. This allows them to see their child’s progress along with important information from the teacher, all in real time. Classdojo even allows teacher to focus their communication on certain skills, leaving feedback in the most important areas.

Classdojo understands that the relationship between teachers, students and parents hinges on trust. Privacy protection is one of their most important focuses. There are three central areas of privacy focus which include the following: control, a 12-month deletion and privacy. The app does not share any student personal information with advertisers or marketers. Additionally Classdojo does nocollect any sensitive information about students such as gender, social security number, or student Id.

It’s clear that students are enjoying this app. As of today it is being used in more than 90% of American schools. Students love the ability to create and personalize their own avatar. Their parents can get immediate feedback and the program is accessible outside the school buildings. The app also includes a large number of helpful tools for teachers including things like a timer, a group maker, a random app that selects random students and a think pair share app. Classdojo is an amazing tool that a great and much needed communication platform.