Meet Kamil Idris—A Renowned Arbitrator at his Best

Kamil Idris had served as the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Director General for several years. Through his advocacy, the significance of intellectual property has become recognized in every continent. He has, over the years, ensuring that the rights of inventors are fully protected. Aside from being an intellectual property advocate, he is a renowned professor teaching subjects related to law and intellectual property.

His Advocacy of Sustainable Development

With the agenda of honoring and celebrating the world intellectual property day, known as WIPO, Kamil Idris addressed the world with a remarkable message. Held on 26th of April this year, the renowned professor recognized the fact that WIPO has become so popular with many governments and prominent organizations joining each year. Unfortunately, some people still ask why anyone needs to care about celebrating intellectual property. For such people, Kamil Idris had a message for them too. He noted that without property rights, major innovations and inventions existing in the world today would not be there. It is because of such matters that issues like climate change are addressed.

Kamil Idris also acknowledged the role of intellectual property on human creativity. He noted that the world is currently able to enjoy luxurious lifestyles composed of effortless communication and easy movement by air mainly because of intellectual property. Where it be a different case, people would be probably stuck in the Stone Age. This is why WIPO was launched to protect such innovations as well as pay tribute to those behind them.

About Kamil Idris

Kamil Idris is a Sudan representative who worked as the WIPO Director General between 1997 and 2008. He became part of the United National International Law Commission and had held several teaching positions where he teaches intellectual property and international law. Besides this, he was elected the President of the International Court of Arbitration Mediation (ICAM). The renowned professor is an intellect holding several academic accreditations. For example, he is an alumnus of the University of Khartoum and Geneva University from where he obtained his Ph.D. in LLB and International law honors respectively. He further holds different law degrees from at least 19 universities across the world.

The professor has written several books on intellectual property, economic development, and his memoir. Kamil Idris’ book, Intellectual Property, a Power Tool for Economic Growth, has been adopted by several academic institutions as a reference to the subject of intellectual property.