Nick Vertucci Is Helping Others Succeed At The Real Estate Industry

Education is power, and Nick Vertucci knows that. That is why he created the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy or NVREA. This academy is a compilation of all his experience, knowledge, and passion wrapped into a straight-forward program. Students will learn the ins and outs of the real estate industry from the ground up. This includes learning how to flip houses, wholesale properties, finding income producing properties, buying and selling, and so much more. There are seminars and workshops all over the country, so people are limited to traveling across the country to attend his academy.

Nick Vertucci is a true example of success. He worked himself from the bottom to achieve great height of success and financial stability for himself and his growing family. Mr. Vertucci’s story is filled with challenges, moments of success, and hardship in his childhood. His father passed away when Nick was 10 years old. This forced his mother to work multiple jobs to keep her family afloat. Because of that, Nick and his siblings rarely saw his mother.

At 18, the young man was homeless living in his van. Not wanting to settle, Vertucci started his own business selling computer parts. It was all going good until the dot com crash in 2000. This began a downward spiral of debt. It all changed one day when Nick Vertucci was invited to a real estate seminar by a friend. This would change his life. A decade later, the entrepreneur can call himself a self-made millionaire. Nick was experiencing major growth and success, and he wanted to share it with others. That is how the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was started. It was founded in 2007 and has been going strong ever since. The successful real estate expert continues to inspire others to reach for their dreams and not let their circumstances dictate their lives.

Igor Cornelsen: The Investment Guru

Igor Cornelsen was born on October 4, 1947, in Curitiba, Brazil. He wanted to pursue engineering and the Federal University of Parana was the only school offering the course making admission a hard task but he made the cut, after two years of pursuing engineering, he decided his calling was in economics and thus changed his course to economics in the same university. He graduated first in his class in 1970 and got a job in an investment bank. His skills in calculating compound interest rates were valuable to any bank considering computers and calculators were not in use by then.

His skills gained his ladder to greener pastures in Multibanco where he joined the board of directors and two years later in 1976 he became the CEO of the company. In 1978, Multibanco was absorbed by the Bank of America and Igor Cornelsen had to go in search of worked elsewhere. The first opportunity that presented itself was at Brazil’s leading investments firms, Unibanco. In 1985, the rates of inflation were exploding ending his journey at Unibanco.

It was then that his career took a better turn as he landed a job at Libra Bank PLC, a London Investment Bank. After a period working there, he moved his colleagues to Standard Merchant Bank as a member of the board of directors and a representative in Brazil. There he worked for a period of 7 years until he decided to leave and start his own investment company. It was then that he started Bainbridge Investment firm which offers investment consulting services. He says that his business excelled because he discovered that assets depreciate before anyone else.

Igor Cornelsen’s favorite quote is ‘’I try not to be influenced by other analysts or teachers or anything of the sort. I think it is better to form my opinion based on facts than on opinions.” After his retirement he settled down in Florida, United States but he visits Brazil regularly. He also keeps in touch with Bainbridge and helps in the daily activities like foreign exchange and commodity exchange.