Daniel Taub; a Great Diplomat

Being a Diplomat from Israel is not easy. However, Daniel Taub is a great diplomat from Israel with vast experience in international laws. Daniel was born in 1962 in the United Kingdom and he studied in at University College at Oxford, Harvard University and University College in London. After his education, Daniel moved to Israel in 1989.

In Israel, Taub worked in Israel Defense Forces and later he was writing speeches for president Herzog. After two years, Daniel was moved to the ministry of foreign affairs, and after that, he has many diplomatic posts. In 2011, Taub was appointed as an ambassador to the United Kingdom.

With his experience in International law specifically in laws of war and counter-terrorism, Daniel Taub presented his credentials to the queen after he was appointed to be the ambassador from Israel.

The queen was pleased, and she asked him how he felt to return to his birth country as an ambassador. Taub replied that he was delighted and it was a privilege to raise his children in their historic homeland. As an Ambassador, Taub helped to strengthen the relationship between Israel and the United Kingdom. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://twitter.com/danieltaub5

Taub knew very well how great Britain is and he made sure that the two countries benefited from the good relationship. Taub emphasized on technology links and trade. Therefore, he introduced Bizcamp Startup Competition which he launched with the help of Google.

This helped improve trade and business between the two countries. Many businesses were set in the UK by Israel people with the support of Taub and this increased bilateral trade to over $8 billion annually.

As a diplomat, Daniel Taub was extensively involved in Israel-Palestine peace negotiation. He was representing Israel in the negotiations, and he made sure that both parties came into agreement. Taub also participated in Israel-Syria negotiations. On top of that, Taub has represented Israel at the UN investigative committee which was investigating the Gaza flotilla accident. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Daniel Taub believes in a strong relationship between countries, and there should be no reason for war. All countries with issues they should use diplomats to negotiate for agreements. He also believes British Labor Party should strengthen its relationship with that of Israel to enhance the creation of opportunities that are beneficial to both countries.

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He believes all initiatives in peace and good partnership between nations should be nurtured. This results in more trades and developments within nations.

Daniel Taub has received many awards, and one of them is the Grassroot Diplomat Award, which encouraged and supported entrepreneurs.

Also, Taub is a writer, and he mostly writes about the Middle East and Israel diplomatic issues. Daniel Taub is a great diplomat, and he has a rich history in Israel diplomatic missions.