US Money Reserve’s Gold Buying Conference Held At Undisclosed Location

Buying gold is becoming a highly recommended way to prepare for economic storms, and many economists are growing concerned about the coming storms in light of the US national debt standing near $20 trillion. So US Money Reserve, one of the most trusted private gold distributor companies hosted a conference at an undisclosed location in Austin, TX where precious metals experts gathered to discuss the future of gold.

The main speaker at this conference was US Money Reserve’s president Philip N. Diehl who has compiled a report on US Gold and has listed three key reasons why consumers should be buying gold and adding it to their portfolios. Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta and US Mint Director | US Money Reserve

Economics can be an unpredictable field, and during uncertain times the stock market could take a hit. Buying traditional stocks or mutual funds may be the wrong thing to do during times like these, so that’s why US Money Reserve is working to help people understand how to buy gold.

US Money Reserve has a diverse inventory of gold available at their website including gold bars, special event coins, rare numismatics, silver denali and other special editions. US Money Reserve has information about each precious metal in their knowledge center as well as blog posts.

Philip N. Diehl, the president of US Money Reserve has helped turn this company into a highly trusted company with great satisfaction ratings. He is currently the only former US Mint Director now working for a private company, and his success at the Mint has made him a highly authoritative figure on the price of coins and the US dollar.

When Diehl first came to the Mint, the agency had several financial problems including a decline in its rare numismatics. So Diehl began a reform that brought the commemorative program back to life and turned the Mint into one of the government’s most profitable departments.

Now with US Money Reserve, Diehl is helping Americans understand how buying precious metal coins could be the best decision they make. He’s helped US Money Reserve compile a free gold information kit that’s available to anyone who visits the website. There are also testimonials from other customers who have bought precious metals from the company and explain how its made a difference for them.

US Money Reserve also has an IRA program that’s self-directed for which you can diversify your IRA’s assets into gold or silver. To get started buying gold or get your information kit, visit