Robert Ivy, Facing Tomorrow’s Problems Today

In the world of today there are more uncertainties than ever before, such as climate change, sustainability, and how these designs will impact the general public’s well being. The world needs answers to these pressing questions and Robert Ivy, the EVP/CEO of AIA, intends to provide the best answers possible.

The AIA, a massive network of over 250 chapters and 90,000 member architects, dedicates itself to heightening public health awareness of the value and relevance of architects today. Robert Ivy has focused his efforts on advocacy, public outreach, and education to establish connections with clients in a global era of constant change and challenge. Many people have no idea what the profession of architect means or that one even exists, ironically knowing nothing about a profession that is more needed than ever before. If mainstream society won’t recognize this, then it’s up to others to get the word out and raise awareness and Robert Ivy intends to be at the forefront of these efforts.

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Ever since becoming CEO in 2011, Robert Ivy has been re-positioning AIA’s priorities toward the architects of the modern day and future applications of the profession by modernizing the AIA as a whole, such as streamlining decision making, shifting the infrastructure to prioritize digital technology, and garnering public interest through an awareness campaign.

Robert Ivy also understands that diction is everything when it comes to public communication, having served as Vice President & Editorial Director of Mcgraw-Hill Construction and Editor-In-Chief of Architectural Records magazine, an award-winning publication that garnered the attention of the Alpha Rio Chi architectural fraternity.

However, Robert Ivy’s most prestigious achievement must be, unquestionably, receiving the title of Master Architect, one of only seven to receive such a title from the fraternity in its 100-year history and the first to earn it this century.

It could certainly be said that Robert Ivy has been something of a revolutionary, leading an extremely influential organization to bring attention to a profession often overlooked by the public, and why said profession is needed. Whatever changes may come, Robert Ivy seems determined to face the uncertainty of the future to the best of his ability.

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