Rick Smith’s Securus Technologies Adds Innovative Solutions To Inmate Communication Services

Rick Smith and his Securus Technologies are known for bringing innovative inmate communication services and solution to the customers. Rick founded the firm 1986, and he currently serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company. Apart from that, the firm provides criminal and civil justice tech solutions which are catered to improve the public safety and incarceration conditions. Under the leadership of Rick, the firm is on a mission to transform the condition of inmates and works on options to bring increased communication with outside. The services offered by the company is appreciated by the judiciary and public alike, and the governmental agencies are closely working with Securus to ensure better law enforcement and correction.

Rick Smith introduced a number of services including family and friends services, public safety solutions, investigative options, monitoring options, and corrections solutions. The family and friends services include phone services, video services, jail voicemail, email services, money transfer, etc., and the services are offered across the country in all the major prisons. Each of these services has a number of products, to offer diversity according to the customer needs. Rick’s strategies to popularize the services and increase the service demographics have played a vital role in the spike in the total revenue and sales of the firm in the recent years. On Christmas Day 2016, inmates made totally 1,000,000 calls to their family and friends using Securus Technologies’ VoIP Calling Platform. Read more on Crunchbase.com

The public safety solutions offered by the firm include helping city officials and law enforcement division to collect, store, and distribute data and critical information. Rick is also active in shaping the firm’s investigative solutions, and it uses the strategy of technology innovations including advanced data analytics, biometric and voice identification to accurately process various information to help the agencies in investigations. Rick’s increased efforts have transformed the firm’s corrections solutions to a highly impactful one. It offers inmate-self service offerings, information management, and communication to make the transformation easier for both families and inmates. The services are also aimed to support corrections agencies in improving their operational efficiencies as well. Rick Smith uses technology to give effective monitoring solutions which include GPS and RF-based observing systems and various supporting programs and reporting systems for tracking, supervision, etc.

The relentless efforts of Rick to provide prison technology services has not only helped the firm to win the market but also gifted the firm a number of recognitions. The firm won the 11th yearly Gold Stevie® Award for best sales and customer service in March 2017. The firm has secured 158 patents until the date, and another 98 is pending for the approval, which is the biggest in the industry. Rick completed his Bachelors and Masters in Engineering from the State University of New York before starting his career. He also completed his MBA from the University of Rochester. Learn more on PRNewsWire.com.

Jason Hope: About The Amazing Life Of This Tech Entrepreneur

One of the most well-known tech entrepreneurs in Arizona is Jason Hope. Below is information about his personal live, his role in developing technology, his philanthropy efforts and more.

About Jason Hope And His Education

Jason Hope is a businessman who is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a futurists, as well as an investor. He has a strong passion for technology and he enjoys giving back to his community. Jason Hope grew up in the state of Arizona and he graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in finance. He also graduated from the W.P. Carey School of Business with an MBA.

Technology Development

Jason Hope is a a tech entrepreneur at heart and he is great at what he does. Hope and his company specialize in developing various tech products. These products include mobile apps and software for the desktop. He also develops gaming products and much more. Jason Hope also provides business consulting services, which means if a person runs a business and would like consultation in regards to developing apps and software, then they can contact Hope.


Jason Hope works with various organizations and one of the things he is most passionate about is the research that the SENS foundations does.

He likes the fact that SENS is focused on finding cures for a number diseases related to aging, which includes heart disease, lung disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. He said he wants to focus on stopping those diseases from happening in the first place and there is too much focused on treating them and not enough focus on what can be done to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Jason Hope’s Grants

However, the ideas have to be related to technology and not everyone who submits an idea will be approved. Hope does look over as many submissions as he can, which is why his company encourages people to submit solid plans. The grants he provides range from $500 to $5,000.

Those who are interested in doing business with Hope and his company can contact him via his website.