PSI Pay is an International Digital Wallet

For some, the idea or concept of a digital wallet is still tough to understand. In essence, a digital wallet is an app on your phone that stores payment methods, such as your credit card, so that you can purchase goods with your phone and without having to carry a wallet. Digital wallets, such as PSI Pay, can store more than just ways to pay, such as loyalty cards or other rewards programs. This is more convenient than a traditional wallet, and more likely to always be on your person. Obviously, the exact makeup of an individual’s digital wallet will vary based upon their country and geographical location.

In Europe, most PSI Pay digital wallets have cash balances and have the ability to switch between various European currencies. These cards can be linked to bank accounts or debit cards – and even withdraw from ATMs. With the European style wallet, however, they can be used as a bank alternative in some cases, as the digital wallets deal with disputes and other issues that can arise. Companies like EcoPayz or PSI Pay have been in business for nearly a decade in Europe and have been granted permission to issue electronic funds. These style wallets, however, are significantly different from the American style wallets.

Unlike the European style digital wallet, the American method of digital wallets does not have the ability to issue or deal with electronic currency or funds – nor does it have the capability to use different currencies. Rather, they are exclusive to the American dollar. Once signing up for a digital wallet in the U.S., a consumer will link their credit or debit card information through the app. Essentially, this is a middle man in American purchases, but it is not entirely without utility. This middle process of purchase allows for an extra layer of security when making purchases, making it harder for illicit operators to attempt to steal a consumers information. In the near future, PSI Pay hopes to bridge this gap and integrate to both markets, to provide a streamlined and secure solution for consumers worldwide. In addition, the expansion to wearable mobile devices further streamlines the process. To know more about PSI Pay visit


Stream Energy Company Insight on Energy Hidden Costs

High energy bills have raised questions of whether there are hidden costs that consumers are not aware. Stream energy has made it their work to let the consumer know about the high bills. When it comes to high energy usage, the plugged-in household gadgets are the number one cause.

Many consumers may not realize that household gadgets consume power irrespective of whether they are on or off. The home electronic devices may lead to accumulation of the energy bill that can easily be perceived as hidden costs. It is estimated that the full entertainment system can consume up to $130 in a year. According to Stream Energy, such gadgets should always be unplugged to lower the energy bills. Visit the company profile on Facebook.

Phantom power is the bigger reason used to assume that hidden costs do exist. The high energy consumption should be avoided by acquiring a power surge protector and always switch it off when not in use. Assembling power strips for all the gadgets together and also shutting down the devices when not in use. Furthermore, one should entirely unplug them from the power source makes the bill manageable.

Energy usage tools have become of significant help in being watchful on how one spends energy in their household. The apparatus enables one to know whether they are staying on budget or the energy bill has risen above normal. Monitoring of energy usage in homes can also be done through receiving of Weekly Energy Report sent by the use of Smart Meter. Follow Stream Energy on

About Stream Energy

Stream Energy was established on January 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji. Based in Dallas, Texas, Stream Energy suppliers energy, wireless, protective and home service. The company enjoys a significant market share in Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Washington.

Stream energy specializes mostly in energy, renewable energy certificates, deregulated electricity, mobile services, and deregulated natural gas. The company is the leading direct selling energy firms in the international market with total revenue of $8 billion in twelve years. It has been tailor-made to keep customers everywhere connected, no matter the location. They have services that are pocket-friendly, dependable, and offer a lifestyle that suits everyone.