The Illustrious Career of the Financial Expert Brian Bonar

The unprecedented achievement set by Brian Bonar in the Financial Industry is just impeccable. Combining both learned skills, natural diligence and intelligence, Mr. Bonar has worked his career path to become the reigning figure at the helm of the Trucept Company.

His main objective at the company has been to see that the public has access to vital information, helping the clients with business operation tasks and other bureaucratic duties.

The 69 years old has been a great leader of Dalrada Financial Group, which he joined in 2010 prior to his appointment at the Trucept. Dalrada Group,a company dedicated to offering employee training for various organizations with the motive of enhancing business efficiency, saw tremendous growth during  Bonar’s reign as the Chief Executive Officer.

He saw the expansion of the firm by customizing different services to meet the individual clients’ needs and demands. He further advanced the company’s profile and market coverage by providing professional advice to employees on how they can utilize their earnings to improve their lives.

Through employee motivation, Brian has been able to lead a team of dedicated workers who work tirelessly to improve the finance sector. His plausible output and outstanding business practice has won him various awards. His tenure at the Dalrada was just decorated by success, displaying his 30 years-experience in the financial industry to the fullest.

Dr. Bonar has served in several capacities in different elite institutions. The Scottish financial genius boasts of vast experience in the financial industry, having held several prestigious positions in his illustrious career. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

He also serves as the CEO of the Imaging Technologies Corporation (ITC), a leading developer of color management software and an integrator and service organization for digital imaging hardware. He has also worked at the Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc., Allegiant Professional Business Service, Inc., and the Amanda Co, Inc.

Brian began his career as a procurement manager at the IBM for almost 16 years before becoming director of technology sales in various firms in the early 90s including: serving at the Rastek Corporation as the vice president of the sales and marketing, Adaptec as the sales manager and ITEC Imagination Technologies as the vice president of the sales and marketing.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar has also founded several firms in the technology and the financial industry. He was the CEO and Founder of the Bezier Systems; the company launched the first SCSI based printer.

The different positions that Brian has served definitely demanded equal academic credentials and qualifications. He has a good academic background, having taken a bachelor’s degree, MBA and Doctorate from the great Staffordshire University that is based in the UK.

His knowledge and work experience have enabled him to achieve success in the companies he has served.