The U.S. Money Reserve plans to take in more interns under its internship program

Recently, during the celebration of the two years of success of its internship program, the U.S. Money Reserve (USMR) announced that it had plans to take in more interns. This firm which specializes in the distribution of gold coins and other precious metals provided by the government is the leading in its sector.

The firm has been in operation since it was launched in 2001 but only started the internship program in February 2016. The program was championed for by the USMR’s Vice President of Marketing and Communication, Jim Warren.

He took the first intern, Mallory Burgess under his marketing department. This February was a celebration of the progress that the firm had made within the two years of the program.

Taking in more interns

In this celebration event, the VP of Marketing and Communication, Jim Warren announced that the success of the internship so far had influenced the firm’s decision to take in more interns.

He also mentioned that it was in the U.S. Money Reserve’s interest to nurture young, brilliant business minds to unlock their potential to guarantee a better future for the business sector. Jim also passed his gratitude to Mallory Burgess who was the first intern to be taken in by the firm.

He pointed out that it was Mallory who had built the confidence of the firm in the program through her hard work, excellent performance and also growth.

Becoming a pacesetter

Mallory pointed out that this opportunity has been more than a blessing to her. It has above all taught her and given her a chance to be a pacesetter – a quality that she hopes to carry throughout her career and life. Follow us US Reserve on LinkedIn

Mallory also stated that interning at the U.S. Money Reserve had given her a chance to not only polish her business skills but also learn how to work in a fast-paced environment.

She pointed out that she will forever be grateful to Jim Warren for believing in her and also the entire USMR community for giving her a chance.

About the U.S Money Reserve

The U.S Reserve is not only prosperous in the United States but also globally. It does business with foreign governments on the precious metals front on behalf of the U.S. government.

Apart from distributing gold coins and other precious metal, this firm also provides investor education to the general public. This education has helped numerous small scale investor make brilliant investment decisions that have led to their prosperity.

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