Securus Technologies’ New Platform ConnectUs Is Saving Budgets

An operation that can regularly do that is going to streamline itself. When it comes to corrective services, the more efficient the better. To that effect, Securus Technologies has recently developed ConnectUs, which is an application platform designed to cut back the need for excessive bureaucratic paperwork. Approximately 13.8 complaints and grievances are filed by individual inmates every month. The time it takes to process these grievances isn’t slight. Even at five minutes per grievance, in a common institution there are 100+ inmates. That’s over 1,380 pages to process every month. It doesn’t matter how streamlined a non-digitized process is, this is going to take time. Meanwhile, Securus ConnectUs just digitizes everything. Application support is customizable to meet the needs of any institution, and the information inmates have access to is strictly monitored.

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They deal with over 2,000 correctional facilities, and about 1,500 other programs which handle individuals that require such services. Savings from the streamlining of complaints and grievances forms stands to save incarceration facilities millions of dollars nationwide. Look at the math. At five minutes per sheet, officers spend at least 115 hours a month just dealing with paperwork. That’s around $2,300 for a facility with only a hundred or so inmates. Going the digitized route could easily save $25,000+ in man hours and labor every single year. There are over 2,000 corrective facilities in the nation using Securus Technologies.

At least from a business standpoint, all signs indicate Securus Technologies is devoted to providing the best, secure IT solutions for the corrective custody industry.

NutriMost Turns Into Very Profitable Entity

When I considered losing weight I thought that it would be a difficult thing to do. I had already failed to lose weight with the Atkins diet and the Sugar Busters diets. I found that it would take a much more personalized diet like the NutriMost diet for me to actually lose the weight that I had gained.

I think that this is the best plan for many people because it actually gives you the ability to get a diet regimen based on your own personal needs. There are people that may be able to lose weight other ways, but I prefer the method that takes your weight and the personal health into consideration. I have found myself seeing all types of testimonals about the weight loss through this method, and this has really motivated me.

I knew that I didn’t have to worry about my safety with this program because it was created by a doctor. I also believe that the Nutrimost program would have a solid foundation because it was invented by someone that knew about the body and the science behind gaining and losing weight.

Other companies have tried to steal Nutrimost marketing ideas. This is just how good the product has become over the years. I have been careful to make sure that I wasn’t getting tricked by someone else that was pretending to be with Nutrimost. This is a great program, but there are lots of other companies that are trying to duplicate what Nutrimost is doing so people have to be careful.


Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost Austin