An Overview of Rebel Wilson’s Isn’t It Romantic

If you are an upcoming film producer, you are supposed to learn about production as early as possible. This allows you to hone your skills, therefore, allowing you to present your experience in an outstanding portfolio that can lead to the development of your career. A film producer often starts by writing scripts for various films.

Eventually, they get to learn more about the film production industry. Besides starting as a scriptwriter, you may also start as an assistant as you continue grasping the basics that revolve around the film industry.

An example of a successful film producer and actress is Rebel Wilson. She kick-started her career at an early age, and she is a renowned actress at the moment.

Rebel Wilson was born in 1980. She is an Australian actress, and her prominence accrues from her passion towards her line of work. As an actress, Rebel Wilson enrolled at the Australian Theater where she learned more about the film industry.

She graduated in 2003. Thereafter, she began acting, and she has featured in films such as The Wedge, and Toula. As a writer, Rebel Wilson has come up with the scripts for films such as Began Pride which is a comedy film. The Began Pride Film was then produced in 2008.

After a year, Rebel Wilson became a part of the Bargain show. In 2009, Rebel Wilson also featured in the film known as City Homicide. Later on, Rebel Wilson relocated to the U.S, and she has starred in other films such as Bridesmaids.

Other films where Rebel Wilson has featured are such as; What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Few Best Men, and Struck by Lightning. Throughout the years, Rebel Wilson has garnered a lot of experience as an actor and a producer. She has also featured as an actor in films such as Super Fun Night. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Collider and Pitch Perfect 4 | Vanity Fair

Her success as an actor and film producer has also led to the issuance of awards such as the Teen Choice Award. Recently, she has also been trending since she is the producer of a romantic comedy film known as “Isn’t It Romantic.”

Rebel Wilson has made a significant comeback to the comedy world by producing the “Isn’t It Romantic” film. In the film, she plays the role of Natalie, an architect who is not fond of romcoms; nevertheless, she eventually wakes up to find herself as the leading lady. Natalie feels like it’s a nightmare.

Natalie also tries to get noticed by her employer by working hard. Her desire is to be granted less involving tasks. While pursuing her career goals, she coincidentally runs into a burglar, thereby waking up to her worst nightmare.

Rebel Wilson had the honor of acting alongside other renowned actors such as Priyanka Chopra who plays the role of Isabella. As for Rebel Wilson, she has succeeded in her career as an actor despite experiencing many challenges during her upbringing. At the moment, Rebel Wilson resides in Hollywood, and she has been working hard to shape her career.

Malcolm CasSelle Innovation of the Gaming Industry              

Malcolm CasSelle who acts as the CIO of OpSkins, a worldwide leader in the sales of in-game virtual assets, is a big investor in bitcoin. Malcolm CasSelle recently announced the launch of the WAX which is a blockchain platform for the virtual asset trading. WAX would act as a marketplace for the trade of virtual assets. According to Mr. CasSelle believes that the WAX platform will ignite the cryptocurrency sector into the mainstream.

The WAX system will create decentralized smart contracts which will enable the buyers and the sellers to trade the virtual assets with each other efficiently. The move will solve the challenges experienced in the market relating to fragmentation and fraud. The user will be able to tokenize their gaming assets and also trade the gaming assets with other players without clicking off the screen.

Before landing the role of CIO of OpSkins and current president of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle serves as CTO. He also served as the president of the New Ventures at tronc. Previously, he was promoted to senior vice president and also doubled up as the general manager of Digital Media of SeaChange International.

Initially before the move to the SeaChange International back in 2015, Mr. CasSelle served as the CEO of Timeline Labs before its acquisition. He also holds a wide experience serving in various digital industries such as Xfire, MediaPass and Groupon’s venture with Tencent.

Apart from leadership roles, Malcolm CasSelle also is an active investor. He has been associated with the early stage investment in firms such as Zynga, Facebook and currently through WAX, in Bitcoin associated firms.

Malcolm CasSelle is a holder of a bachelor’s degree from MIT. He is also a holder of a master’s degree from Stanford University in the field of Computer Science. He is also bilingual and speaks fluently in Japanese and Mandarin.

In the beginning of his career, he co-founded PCCW which was involved in publicly trading the telecom firm with its headquarters in Hong Kong. The firm is currently valued at over $35 billion. He was associated with rising of billions for the firm’s public offering and other successful private transactions.

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Fortress Investment Group And Brightline Partners With Virgin Group

Fortress Investment Group recently announced a new partnership with the Virgin Group, which will have a major impact on the firm’s Brightline venture. Brightline is the first new major private intercity passenger railroad in the United States in more than a century. The partnership between Fortress Investment Group and Virgin Group will allow Brightline to leverage Virgin’s experience and customer expertise in order to establish a new brand entitled “Virgin Train USA”.

When talking about the new partnership between Fortress Investment Group and Virgin Group, Wes Edens, one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group and chairman of Brightline, noted that the company’s effort to reinvent passenger rail service in the country is taking a leap forward as a result of the addition of the Virgin team. He also stated that Virgin built a trusted and respected brand when it comes to travel and hospitality, and that with both companies’ focus on customer experienced they are well position to build on their success. Check out to read more about Fortress Investment Group.

Sir Richard Bronson, the founder of Virgin also talked about the partnership with Fortress Investment Group and noted that Brightline is at the forefront when it comes to innovation in the market, and also the ideal partner for his company to work with in order to alter perceptions as well as traveling habits across the country. He also noted that Virgin America transformed domestic air travel, and that the company has tried for more than a decade to find an opportunity to provide them with the same kind of excellent service.

The president of Brightline, Patrick Goddard declared that the partnership between the two entities further validates the accomplishments of the team behind Brightline when it comes to challenging conventional wisdom about reinventing train travel in the country. He believes that due to the companies’ shared values as well as Virgin’s track record, the partnership will amplify Brightline’s efforts and growth potential as it seeks to expand to new markets.

Brightline launched its service between West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami earlier this year, and has plans to expand to Tampa and Orlando, and to begin construction in 2019 to connect Southern California to Las Vegas.

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Igor Cornelsen: The Investment Guru

Igor Cornelsen was born on October 4, 1947, in Curitiba, Brazil. He wanted to pursue engineering and the Federal University of Parana was the only school offering the course making admission a hard task but he made the cut, after two years of pursuing engineering, he decided his calling was in economics and thus changed his course to economics in the same university. He graduated first in his class in 1970 and got a job in an investment bank. His skills in calculating compound interest rates were valuable to any bank considering computers and calculators were not in use by then.

His skills gained his ladder to greener pastures in Multibanco where he joined the board of directors and two years later in 1976 he became the CEO of the company. In 1978, Multibanco was absorbed by the Bank of America and Igor Cornelsen had to go in search of worked elsewhere. The first opportunity that presented itself was at Brazil’s leading investments firms, Unibanco. In 1985, the rates of inflation were exploding ending his journey at Unibanco.

It was then that his career took a better turn as he landed a job at Libra Bank PLC, a London Investment Bank. After a period working there, he moved his colleagues to Standard Merchant Bank as a member of the board of directors and a representative in Brazil. There he worked for a period of 7 years until he decided to leave and start his own investment company. It was then that he started Bainbridge Investment firm which offers investment consulting services. He says that his business excelled because he discovered that assets depreciate before anyone else.

Igor Cornelsen’s favorite quote is ‘’I try not to be influenced by other analysts or teachers or anything of the sort. I think it is better to form my opinion based on facts than on opinions.” After his retirement he settled down in Florida, United States but he visits Brazil regularly. He also keeps in touch with Bainbridge and helps in the daily activities like foreign exchange and commodity exchange.

Dr. Saad Saad And His Advice On Children Swallowing Foreign Objects

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon who has spent over forty years caring for the health and well-being of numerous children. A common issue that he has dealt with in his tenure in the medical field has been removing foreign objects that a child may swallow. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon and When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad

He has personally dealt with this situation thousands of times. Young children often let their curiosity get the best of them and tend to swallow objects they should avoid. In most of these instances, the swallowed item will pass through the child’s body without causing any harm.

However, there are times when the item gets trapped in the throat. The signs of a child having an object stuck in their throat should be rather easy to identify. Dr. Saad says that some of the more common items in his experience that have gotten stuck as a child tried to swallow them were coins, peanuts, and hot dogs.

If a child is under the age of six and has an item caught in their throat, the parent should hold them upside down by their feet and pat their back. Most of the time the item will fall right out.

For children over the age of six, it is safe for the parent to perform the Heimlich maneuver. In the instances that the item remains stuck, the parent should immediately take the child to the emergency room.

Dr. Saad says that a common mistake that parents make is that they will often try to scoop the object out themselves with their finger. This could cause further complications and parents should refrain from this action

A doctor will perform an x-ray to determine the precise location of the stuck object. There are disadvantages to an x-ray. Half the objects that a child typically swallows will not show up very well on an x-ray.

A doctor will then proceed to perform an endoscopy if the x-ray shows up normal, but the patient’s symptoms persist. In his forty years as a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad has performed many endoscopies and he felt that he needed to make improvements on the endoscope.

Endoscopes fog up because of fluid build-up inside the human body. He created a special endoscope that allowed a doctor to clear the fog on an endoscope without stopping the procedure.

In his many years removing stuck objects from children, Dr. Saad believes that batteries are the most dangerous item. Many batteries are relatively small and easy for a child to swallow. Once a child swallows a battery, the acid may flow out of the battery and cause serious injuries to the child’s stomach or throat.

Dr. Saad also places peanuts at the top of his list of dangerous items a child can swallow. The liquid in the human lung can cause peanuts to expand and many doctors have difficulty removing peanuts from a Childs’ throat.

Felipe Montoro Jens Achievements in His Career as a Finance Executive

Felipe Montoro Jens is a famous Brazilian who serves as the chief executive officer at EnergiparCaptacao. He has served in various organisations at the top leadership position. He has been able to serve as the chief executive officer as well as the chairman of these companies. Felipe has been able to gain a lot of expertise in the industry of finance after his continued pursuit of excellent services. He has served as the director of Santo Antonio Energy which is a huge organisation that has managed to offer their clients with significant management experience. Find out more at to learn more.

Felipe Montoro is involved in a project called Public Private Partnership which usually deals with public lighting. The company has been able to benefit so much from his impressive outputs. He has been able to oversee over 138 Brazilian municipalities benefiting from the projects. One of the cities is the Belo Horizonte which is in the great Minas Gerais state. Felipe is the pioneer of the advanced modern lighting in Brazil. He is also aimed at installing 182000 lighting points that use LED technology.

Felipe Montoro Jens serves as the chief executive officer of EnergiparCaptacao and he is recognized, financial specialist. He attained his expertise from serving the managing director of Santo Antonio Energia. Felipe also served as the chairman of the Administrative Centre of Federal District. He has specialized in finding solutions for state governments and corporations on how they should reduce wastage of resources and also maximizing their profits. He attended the Getulio Vargas Foundation and graduated with a bachelors degree in business. The institution is known for offering quality education since it was established in 1944. Felipe later joined the Thunderbird School of Global Management based in Arizona.

Felipe has been able to take various positions for companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Enron, and Enel. His proper management skills have helped the company grow and also expand in the business industry. He has managed to improve the companies realize their potential and has been able to derive a cost-effective solution for these institutions. Jens is one of the most prominent leaders in the Brazilian countryside.



OSI Group Growth Aided By Good Leadership

It goes without a doubt that OSI Group is the largest food producer in the world. Forbes values the company is valued at $6 billion and 58-th among the private companies in the United States.

It has a long history that dates back to 1909 when Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant living in Chicago created a butcher shop. The business that was once a butcher shop is now the biggest processed food producer in the world with a presence in 17 countries. The company has employed over 20,000 people globally and the number keeps on increasing as the operations expand to new regions.

The role of the leadership

The growth of OSI Group is a result of good leadership. Starting with the founder, Otto Kolschowsky, the leading management teams for this company in the past one century have worked very hard. Very few businesses which were started at the beginning of the last century are in existence today. Most of them died with the demise of the founders. It is not easy for a business to move from one management to another and still perform well. Many companies collapse after transition and others become better. OSI is one of those that have gotten better after a transition in leadership. After the founder left the company, his two sons took over. The sons later added another partner who is now in charge after they left. Sheldon Lavin is the current CEO, a position he has held since the 190s.

Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the foundation of this company. For five decades, he has created a stable environment for growth to take place. He is the reason OSI Group has risen to become the biggest food producer in the world. Under his leadership, the company has implemented the international expansion program that has seen it open business operations in 17 countries. He has also boosted local growth by taking measures that have increased food production significantly. Mr. Lavin has established a team of experts on food production business led by David McDonald, the president and Chief operating officer of the company. This team is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company.

OSI Group is aiming for total control of the food production business. Although Sheldon Lavin is in his twilight years, he is still focused on the dream of making the company bigger. He is grooming a team of leaders who will take over the management after he is gone. He is also putting in place measures that will ensure the company complies with the best food production practices.

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Jeremy Goldstein has an Active role in Improving the Quality of life for People with Mental Illness

As someone who has practiced corporate law in the New York area for many years, Jeremy Goldstein knows the importance of helping others in need. This is why he, along with several other members of the committee for Fountain House, helped bring about an event that raised funds to support the efforts made on the part of this organization.

These funds are used to help adults with mental illness make their way back into the mainstream of society. For several years now, Fountain House has held an event referred to as their Fall Fete. The funds from this event help the organization dispel the stigmas often associated with people who have mental illness.

As one of the co-chairs for this event, Jeremy Goldstein played an active part in helping Fountain House continue its many programs as well as its scholarship fund.

Mr. Goldstein commented on his participation by stating that as an associate of Fountain House he has seen the positive results their programs have had on people’s lives. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

More specifically, he pointed out the difference their educational scholarship has made in the lives of people who have had their educational opportunities disrupted because of their battle with mental illness. Each year Fountain House awards two scholarships to people in need.

Jeremy Goldstein is also no stranger to taking charge when it comes to servicing the needs of others. During his time practicing corporate law he specialized in aiding companies with mergers and acquisitions. This process allowed him to see an ever increasing need to help companies in the area of government and compensation.

This led Mr. Goldstein to start his own legal company known as Jeremy Goldstein and Associates. His company deals specifically with matters involving executive compensation. The idea to start a law firm dedicated to this area came about after he saw a number of consultation companies trying to pick up the slack after mergers occurred.

When asked about his views on productivity, Jeremy Goldstein often remarks that this type of work requires dedication. This particular field is often filled with drawn out negotiations and legal drafts, which often becomes time-consuming. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Chambers and Partners

He believes a successful legal practitioner not only needs to have a commitment to his job, but also a caring attitude for those he helps. He strives to make connections with his clients in order to better understand their individual needs. He also makes himself available 24 hours a day.

What Are The Main Services That Southridge Capital Are Offering?

Southridge Capital is a private equity firm based in Connecticut which offers advisory as well as structured finance for companies that are publicly traded. The company was founded in 1996 by Stephen Hicks, who serves as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. According to Hicks, the idea for Southridge began while he was working for a small NY hedge fund. Once the principal decided to wind down the operation and return to Australia, Hicks came up with the idea for Southridge, and was allowed to work on his own plans while still serving at the NY hedge fund.



The firm became an important entity in the financial industry, and since 1996 they directly invested $1.8 billion into growth companies globally. Southridge Capital finance more than 250 public companies, and is aware of the challenges that growing companies are facing, which is why the team behind Southridge has the necessary expertise to offer consult on corporate issues on any level.



The company offers advisory services which cover all bases. Southridge Capital offer Financial Analysis, designing highly detailed financial statements which are in line with financial assumptions, and they also offer Balance Sheet Optimization, based on helping companies maintain a balance between equity and debt. When it comes to Restructuring Analysis, the Connecticut-based firm helps their clients take the best action in order to get the best restructuring outcomes. They offer Bankruptcy Advice, which includes negotiations and structuring in order to help companies emerge from bankruptcy, and they provide Legal settlement services, with a focus on helping with settling litigation via defining all legal requirements and also minimizing expenses and time incurred by the company’s clients. For more details visit




When asked about habits that make him more productive as an entrepreneur, Stephen Hicks (CEO of Southridge Capital) pointed to the fact that he comprises a daily list for himself and his staff of items that need to be accomplished. He also considers that focusing on cash proceeds from the portfolio every day makes him more productive. He believes it is important to do less deals and to focus on cash instead of returns. Current trends that the entrepreneur finds exciting are pot and cryptocurrencies. You can check out Bloomberg.


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Madison Street Capital and Their Efforts in Investments

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm. The services they offer vary from corporate advisory to business valuation. They also provide opinions, advice, and reporting for middle-market companies. They aim to provide their clientele with the highest-quality mergers and acquisitions.

According to the experts in the industry, finding an advisor for middle-market businesses can be challenging depending upon the needs of each individual business. Madison Street Capital offers a variety of finical services and advice tailored to their clients.

Madison Street Capital Reputation

Recently this month, Madison Street Capital has been recognized as a finalist for the 17th Annual Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor Award. There are five categories in which the banking firm has been selected for.

They include deal of the year, boutique investment firm, equity financing, private equity, and M&A deal of the year. The banking firm has been chosen for the first stage of evaluation. They will be judged by an independent panel of judges whom will decide which banking firms will win the ultimate award.

Charles Botchway, CEO of Madison Street Capital, spoke on the recent nomination. He called the nomination “gratifying.” He is pleased to know that the investment bank’s efforts as a whole are noticed and recognized. The award is a symbol of Madison Street Capital’s team of workers.  Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

The awards will be presented on Tuesday, November 6th at the New York Athletic Club. Madison Street Capital believes mergers and acquisitions are the main driving force of the current economical state. The firm aims to earn trust and a high-quality reputation amongst their clientele.

There have been a total of 42 hedge fund deals confirmed by Madison Street Capital in the year of 2015. This is a more than 70% increase from the 2014 closing numbers. Hedge fund assets are at an industry high level, even with an overall average performance. Read more: Madison Street Capital | Crunchbase and Madison Street Capital | Bloomberg

The large sum of hedge fund strategies are not high in performance and do not always work as one would like. When a hedge fund is smaller, the managers often struggle to attract new and fresh capital. This will lead to sub optimal performance levels. Managers typically receive higher costs of operation. Hedge fund managers analyze strategic alternatives when the preformance is avergae.

The hedge fund industry often encounters consolidation. Madison Street Capital has been a part of opportunistic partnerships that require consolidation in order to bridge the gap of distribution for product offering.

Madison Capital has offices domestically and internationally. Madison Street Capital aims to focus on mergers and acquisitions for their clientele and fund management.